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MOTHER'S DAY QUOTE CONTEST! Submit your best saying about MOTHERHOOD. The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate and will be highlighted on Blogtations!


  • You don't have to be a mom to enter. The quote just needs to be about motherhood in some way.
  • You may submit only one quote. Other quotes sent won't be considered for the contest (though, they might be considered for regular featuring).
  • The quote must be written by you and published on your blog (and not already featured or in the queue to be featured on Blogtations).
  • Email me the quote, the permalink of the post it comes from, and please include "contest" in your email's subject title.
  • By submitting your quote you give permission to have it posted on Blogtations, either when the winner is announced or possibly at a later date (with credit and a link to your blog, of course).
  • The deadline is May 2, 2008, midnight EST.
  • The winning quote and runners up will be determined by a lovely panel of judges: Joy, Heidi, Colleen, Carrie, and Britt (who've been exchanging cocktail recipes, but I promise they'll be sober for the judging)
  • The winner will be announced May 9, 2008, will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate and will be highlighted on Blogtations.
  • Runners up quotes will be posted, too. Others may follow at a later time.

Okay, that's it. Now, go forth and comb your blogs for your best mom quote!

Also, none of this: "I don't think I have any quotes on my blog." I've had a number of bloggers say that to me then I read a month or two of their archives and guess who's featured on Blogtations? Great quotes can take some digging for, because we usually write in context. Stand alone quotes aren't always that common.

So, be patient. Enjoy reading your past posts and send me your best quote about motherhood when you find it!

Good luck!

Image used with permission © Dennis Cox | Dreamstime.com